🏗️ Voeral Energies S.L. is a Spanish company founded on December 23, 2003 initially under the name STE GLOBAL, formed by 44 employees and belonging to a business group of 119 workers.

📈 Increasing its turnover by 100% in the last 5 years has made it recognized among the top 26,000 Spanish companies by turnover and ranked 36th in its sector in the National Ranking of Exporting Companies in Spain.

🍃 Focused on the commercialization of products and services for the measurement of wind and other environmental parameters, its main activity is the sale and installation of guyed towers, self-supported towers, sensors and LIDAR’s to measure these parameters.

➡️ Two new sections, VOERAL SOLAR and VOERAL CONSTRUCTION, have recently been created to continue providing services in the renewable energy sector.

✅ VOERAL SOLAR installs solar measurement stations for the evaluation of photovoltaic resources and builds solar power plants, offering installation, design, calculation and assembly of the structure and installation of panels.

✅ VOERAL CONSTRUCTION includes among its works the design and construction of foundations, road and platform conditioning, earthworks and civil works in wind farms and solar plants.

🤝 With the creation of these new sections, Voeral reaffirms its commitment to innovation. We are determined to continue growing and expanding in the market.

💚 Looking after the future, since always

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